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One of the most important aspects to an effective psychotherapeutic experience is feeling like you can talk openly with your therapist. In our first few meetings, we will work together to determine if you feel comfortable with my approach and style. I will ask for your thoughts or reactions, and we will develop a treatment plan.


In terms of my style or orientation, I would describe myself as insight oriented.  This means that I will be curious about all parts of your life, and I will help you identify patterns that may have developed over time or in reaction to recent stressful events. These patterns will include strengths, coping skills, and areas that you may want to change.


Another essential feature of psychotherapy is confidentiality.  It is important that you feel secure and safe when discussing your life and understand that your privacy is important to me. I will talk to you about your confidentiality at the outset of our work and explain in detail how it works.  


In terms of logistics, therapy sessions last 50 minutes, and I find that it is helpful to meet consistently especially at the outset of our work.  I will work with you to secure reimbursement from your insurance company; however, I am considered an "out of network provider." The insurance reimbursement process can be confusing, and I can help you figure out your benefits.

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