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Client Feedback:

Please note that this feedback was posted to the review sections of websites such as Google, Angie's List., Health Grades, or  I have not and will not request written feedback about my services. 

"Dr. Lhulier is marvelous. She is very insightful, patient, and focused. I know it is a cliche, but she makes me feel like I am her only client. Why? Because she remembers not only the big picture about what's going on in my life, but she knows the names of my many siblings, friends I've mentioned in passing, and recalls places and events and dates--**all** without consulting notes during the session." 

"My therapy with Dr. Lhulier was a wonderful and life-transforming.  She was always there for me and treated me and my feelings with great care and respect."

"10+ years ago I was alone, scared, and severely broken. Over the last ten years I have slowly built myself back up and created a life worth living. There were many questionable times that I tried giving up, but she never gave up on me no matter how bad the situation. This is the only person that truly knows every single detail of my life. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly ...

I survived. I no longer feel unsafe. Yes, my therapists office will always be a safe place, but I have grown to the point of finding other safe and comfortable places.

Saying goodbye will be hard, so instead I shall say "thank you" for your guiding light and helping me grow, I will forever be thankful.

So, thank you Joanna- thank you for all that you have done."

"Dr. Lhulier is rare among mental health providers in that her agenda is all about you, and regularly assessing whether your time together is helpful for you. With some psychologists, therapy becomes a self-sustaining, unending thing; not so with Dr. Lhulier. She will set up "checkpoints" with you for the two of you to assess whether you are progressing and whether your needs are being given the best attention and treatment possible. This speaks volumes about her character, as she maintains a vigilance over how she does what she does, as she is concerned with keeping the focus on you. She is very skillful, very probing, and is quite simply: kind."

"Was looking for someone to trust and work on improving myself.  Still with her and trust her explicitly. Very good listener".

"Dr. Lhulier is completely respectful of you as a client. I've already seen great progress in my time with her. I wish my family lived in DC so they could all go to therapy in her practice.


I highly recomment Dr. Lhulier to anyone looking for mental health help."


"I really felt listened to and understood. I would strongly recommend her."

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